Thursday, February 20, 2014

Better Reflections: Bathroom Mirror Moves Out

While bedroom improvements take a small break so I can organize my tools and supplies for the next push, I'll update on a little progress with my bathroom.

Last summer, I got so frustrated by the gigantic 90's style half-acre mirror that dominated my small bathroom, I ripped it out.

Just the blank, cobwebby space felt better than that overwhelming mirror, but then I also painted to get rid of the oddly brownish purple mauve paint.

I still have to contend with the "airport landing" light fixture, and the counter, sink, and faucet. But I hung a small 25 inch square piece of scrap mirror to use until I figured out what was happening with the big mirror. 

Unfortunately, it ended up waiting in my dining room, leaned up against the wall.

And waiting.....

....while I painted outside all summer and the pages flew off the calendar. This last weekend, I got so frustrated by stalled piles of various things that I crammed a bunch of stuff in my van. Goodwill got six bags, the curb got two or three, and the mirror? Gone, daddy, gone:

But only for a little while. Instead of investing in an entirely new mirror, I decided to have the large one trimmed down to a more manageable size. It's gone to visit a glass and mirror fabrication shop for a little cosmetic surgery.

I'll have another post when it's back in the house and mounted on the wall. I'm looking forward to the results of the bathroom's next mini-facelift!


  1. I love the one light bulb in the light fixture. You're my kind of homeowner. :-) We had one of those giant mirrors in our master bathroom, and we had it cut down, too. Thought about doing some kind of frame treatment for it, but in the end just put it up with clips again. I felt a huge sense of accomplishment just getting it off the wall and taking it somewhere.

    1. The light fixture is now gone too, but that's another project waiting for more small fixes. Nothing is ever simple, is it?