Thursday, June 26, 2014

Meet the Newest Member of the Family

We have taken to calling him Bob. We don't know why.

Bob actually joined us a few months ago, adopted from an Etsy seller, and I've been so impressed with how he just moved right in that I forgot to show him off. I like that he's big (12 inches tall), bold, and brassy.

He lives on the fireplace mantel under the sunburst clock.

If it needs saying, I have no trendy plans to spray-paint him white or some ungodly neon color. Just like Mr. Rogers, I like him just the way he is.

I hope he maintains his dignity when I put tinsel on his antlers at Christmas time.


  1. If you painted him white, we might have to stop being friends. ;-) And I think he'll look dashing with tinsel.

  2. Pretty sure that my grandma had two like this in her living room!