Monday, October 1, 2012

Junk Jamboree

The wingspan on those sconces was a good foot and a half each. Serious bling statement.

You know those weekends when you have a chance to go thrifting/estate sale-ing/garage sale-ing/junking/curbside shopping and you say NO because you need to catch up on the laundry and clean the bathroom? 

Yeah, I don't know any of those either! On Saturday, friend Kristy and I loaded coffee, sweaters, and a map into her sport utility and headed out for our local area's "Fall Junk Jamboree," where barn sales, junk shops, and thrift stores throw open their doors, serve cider and cookies, and offer cool stuff for sale. 

It was pretty good stuff. Here's what caught my eye (but didn't come home to live with me): 

If I'd been looking for fantastic, cool dressers for only a few dollars, it would have been a weekend of scores. Take a look at the feature photo for the post and then check out this mid-mod ash number: 

Or this lovely Art Deco piece: 

There were also some unusual vases, both for under $20: 

The gentleman who made this very sharp looking coffee table said that now reusing old rulers was "a thing," prices had gone up for crafting with them and pieces like this wouldn't stay at thrift store prices for long. I can't remember exactly, but I believe this piece was around $110. I really liked it, but the look doesn't "fit" my house. 

Kristy and I both loved the cheerful colors of this metal topped table from the 1940s. Don't you wish you could store stuff like this just for Christmas? It would be perfect!

Also on the list of "lovely, but I don't need it" was this twin size metal bed, with pretty Art Deco stenciling.

I did come home with three pieces of furniture and three "other goodies," but I'm going to save them for another post. Come back for more!


  1. Fun! I wish I could have come too, but I'll see you soooon!

  2. I would always choose thrifting over cleaning bathrooms! :-) I would love that mid-century dresser--and yeah, I think yardsticks are a thing now. I saw some selling for more than a dollar each somewhere recently. That could turn a project into spendy pretty quickly.

  3. Rulers ARE totally "the thing". And it's driving me crazy because I collect them and people keep turning them into things where they can never just be rulers again. That said...for some reason, I LOVE that table. Can't wait to see what you got!