Thursday, January 14, 2016

Closing a (New) Door on 2015

It's January 2016, but I have to go back to November 2015. Mid-November, actually, on an unseasonably warm weekend. 

Regular readers may remember that I spent a large part of our really $%^#-ing rainy summer of 2015 scraping, repairing, and painting the north side of my garage: 

This may have been the last time you saw it: 

There was still a purple door. A purple door that wasn't actually a proper exterior door, but an interior hollow-core closet door. A purple interior closet door that was rotting off its hinges and had a broken doorknob and had to be nailed shut to keep it shut. 

While my Dad and I had planned to get to it multiple times over the year, other things always got ahead of it, and we ran out of time. 

But in November we had a weirdly warm and gorgeous Saturday, I had some good help, and this happened: 

It's nothing fancy. Just a basic builder's grade steel exterior door. But with a window, because I wanted the option of a little more daylight in the garage. 

Honestly, I thought the gaping hole in the garage looked better than that purple door. 

While we were at it, we put the same kind of light fixture on the garage that had been installed on the front of the house a couple summers ago. I like consistency in that sort of thing. 

Here's an overexposed cell phone shot of that ugly purple door being carried out of my existence. And a clue. A clue to my help for this project, and uh, something new going on in my life. Or a someone new. A dude. Can you tell how bad I am at this? Anyway, more later, when I figure out how to write about something personal on a blog in a way that doesn't make me want to break out in hives. 

Finally, just before Christmas we got the door fitted with new trim, as the old was dry-rotted beyond saving. We primed it, but it still needs paint and a bit of caulk here and there. I took the photos mid-snowstorm!

And here's a corner view: 

Now a before: 

And after again: 

And as hardy as Midwesterners tend to be about their winters, that was the last of the outdoor carpentry until spring. We've been on a different, indoor project in the new year. That is, when I'm not fighting my urge to hibernate--pajamas, books, coffee, movies, naps. Balance in life is important, right? 


  1. The new door makes a giant difference in the appearance of the garage! Good idea about the window in the door, too, so the garage isn't so dark. Now take a good nap, get a cup of coffee, take a Benadryl to stave off the hives, and tell us about The Dude! :)

    1. Jayne! I've missed you! I'll get around to the dude. Eventually. If I stop blushing. Why isn't this any easier than when we were 14?

  2. That looks like a damn fine man. Er, door. Sorry, having a hard time staying focused on the topic. But yeah: doors are great! Especially doors that do what doors are supposed to do--keep in the good and keep out the bad and not fall apart in bad weather. Doesn't hurt when they look good, too. Oh wait--I keep forgetting we're talking about doors. ;-)

    1. It's hard for me to write about giddiness. :)