Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sore loser: I lost a bid on EBay!

So tell me fellow EBay stalkers and auction addicts--how do you handle defeat? Gracefully? Or do you stomp your foot like a spoiled little girl (or boy)?

Just minutes ago I lost a bid on a tasty mid-century modern light fixture for sale on Ebay:

The one that got away. It was a big one too: 25 inches long, four lights.  From Seller Inventordreams on EBay.
The super-nice neighborly gals over on the blog No Pattern Required turned me on to this beautiful thing in a blog post of great stuff here. I even posted a comment that I'd be bidding. Like I said over on No Pattern Required, way to out yourself.

But I didn't win. Oh, poop and expletive deleted, I didn't get it. It went for over $100, and I admit I blinked. In retrospect, I could easily spend twice that much on a new bathroom light fixture, and maybe another Benjamin wouldn't have killed me. Gah!

Please join me in a group pout. Better luck next time, I hope. 


  1. Oh....I hate it when that happens! I love the star pattern on this one. You'll find one that you like just as much though. I promise!

    1. Oh I believe it. Auction Karma is never wrong, I think. And i don't think I could have paid the winning bid price and put on my mascara every morning without guilt. Guilt and age-defying make-up do not co-exist well (don't ask me how i know this....). Awesomer things are always just around the corner....