Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Target Bargains: Pillows

I made a quick run to Target last weekend. Don't get excited. It wasn't one of those fun trips. It was one of those "I need toilet paper, shampoo, and a multi-pack of little boys' socks, and how in the world did I walk out of here $75 poorer just buying routine stuff?"

Even when I'm there for the boring stuff, I'm a clearance end-cap prowler. This time I found these: 

My old sofa cushions were looking tired. They have a right to be, because they get thrown on the floor and used as footballs on a daily basis. These have some of the colors in my living room (greens, ivory, and brown) with some extra thrown in (terra cotta and sky blue). They look nice and cozy on my super dark brown sofa, which tends to suck all the light out of the living room (its only down side).

The best part? They were $5 each. No kidding.

To be honest, I'm not sure if they will stay in the living room. I'm not sure if they completely "work." But $5 is way less than most uncovered pillow inserts cost, so really I couldn't go wrong with these, even if  I end up recovering them.

And they do pick up the same colors as items I have planned for the basement recreation room for the boys:

They "go" with these retro lamps and fabric remnant as well. So if they don't stay in the living room long term, there are other options. Two pillows for $10. Now I wish I could get toilet paper, shampoo, and boys' socks for just a Hamilton. But even then it wouldn't be as much fun.


  1. Those lamps! I love them. And I'm with you on the pillows. Like you said, you can't get inserts for $5. Great score!