Saturday, March 21, 2015

Small and Spring-y Foyer Art

Over the holidays, I had a wreath hanging on the foyer closet door. It was my way of jazzing up the freshly painted but small and completely neutral space:

Since there isn't much of a place to hang art in the foyer, I had that wreath hanging up throughout most of January and some of February. Since it was in greens, ivory, and browns, it worked with the living living room colors and wasn't so overtly Christmas-y that I felt like it stuck out. 

But it is a winter-y looking decoration piece, and I liked the idea of something hanging on that door year around, but I wasn't sure what to move on to. I am not any more a fan of neon-bright polka-dotty easter-bunny sicky-sweet spring seasonal stuff as I am of gobs-of-glitter Christmas stuff. 

Spring to me is the time I walk around the yard and notice tiny details I'll miss when the world is all green, everywhere. Buds swelling along a dry branch. A tiny spear of green sticking out of gray earth. The first day the bees are out, slow but warming their wings in the sun. 

I'd recently gotten a vintage postcard that looks like the way I felt about early spring, and with the subtle colors of the season. I stuck it in an inexpensive frame, backed with scrapbook paper, and put it on the door with mounting strips. 

Honestly, I think it's a little too small for the door, but it's okay for now. If it's only sticking around seasonally, I can live with a bit of a proportion problem. I love the grays and green-y golds.

Early spring also means indoor work around here, and I'll have some updates about various things soon. What's up in your household and yard this season? 

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  1. Love it. I have a pussy willow painting and when you look real close you will notice that the pussy willow buds are really little kittens.

    I have the same doors in my house and I may need to steal this idea. Thank you in advance.