Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bathroom Lighting Update: New and Vintage Choices

Those who've been following along may remember that I recently lost, after a frenzy of down to the last second bidding, an auction on Ebay for a very fun vintage bathroom light bar. I share my post-auction let down in the post here, and here's what I lost out on. Look at that mid-century starburst design:

Anyway, I'd stumbled upon it not on Ebay, but from the ladies over on No Pattern Required, who regularly post collections of great stuff they find for sale on Ebay.

It was good thing I lost the bid. It went for over $100, which is getting a bit pricey when you consider that it's a 50 year old fixture that may need re-wiring.  That, and I wasn't just ON FIRE to redo my bathroom. I'm considering some quick fixes to make it more "mid-century" looking until I get some other priorities taken care of. Down the road, I plan big things for this bathroom--aqua tile, shower doors, chrome's one of my inspiration photos:

Source: via Laura on Pinterest

Even though I'm in no big hurry, the ladies at No Pattern Required still managed to save the day. One of the blog contributors, Sara, is helping her mom fix up a mid-century-aged condo, and in the quest to find a vintage light bar for the bath, they figured out the option of a simple 4-light bar from Home Depot to get the light kit, and a vintage shade they found second hand. You can read about it in their blog post here.

They also shared the find of another blogger, Eartha Kitsch, who found a brand new but very vintagey looking bath light bar. It's by Nuvo Lighting and you can find it on their website along with the item number on here:

It's a great piece of information to file away for future use. But now it's got me itching to look at tile and paint and......that is how the renovation adventure starts.


  1. Uh oh! You're about to fall down the renovation rabbit hole! :)

    1. Don't I know it. In a fit of boredom/what-was-I-thinking the other day, I tore a strip of (90s vinyl) dining room wallpaper off. Now I'm thinking THAT needs to come down the rest of the way....Ack! Stop me!