Thursday, February 16, 2012

More Late Night Lamp Lust

I have a problem with lamps. There are too many to love. Like this one from Val's Vintage Shoppe on Etsy:

Even back in the day, they were putting a bird on it.

If these were pictures of men, you'd think I was, well, a bit loose in my affections. Someone on another blog I sporadically read said that her husband was a bit of a lamp slut. Or something like that. I'd give credit if I could for the life of me remember where I found it, but I loved it, because I completely identify with the accusation. I guess you could say I'm a lamp slut that's sort of under control-- I don't buy every lamp I love. If I did it would sort of be a hoarders + lighting store nightmare. But my affection for quirky, tacky, colorful, odd shaped lamps is endless, and I spend many a late night cruising the internet looking for more beauties.

It's made me a bit of a snob and reactionary about this recent trend in spray painting old lamps and light fixtures, like here. Now, I have done just such a thing with an nondescript old lamp of no value, here. I admit I'm particular. If it has no value, is some hideous overwrought shiny brass thing from 1980s, or is some newish home improvement store mainstream item and you just must have a clever color, be my guest. I'm as in love with a bargain as the next gal, which is why I brought home the lamp I found in the gutter and spray painted it up in a cheerful red for the twins' room. 

But I believe in a some serious judgment calls when it comes to altering old lamps and light fixtures. I have wept rivers over home design blog posts and home improvement TV shows that cheerfully spray paint over the character and uniqueness of mid-century-ish lamps and discard the shades for brand new ones, until they look like the same dang thing you could pick up in the aisle of any local Hobby Lobby. Why, you could just picture these same ding-dongs spray painting the charmer depicted above flat taupe so it would fit in with their Pottery Barn living room. Agh! I shake my fist at the light fixtures! In that respect I'll be glad when this fad quietly goes away. And that's speaking as a person with an otherwise deep and abiding affection for spray paint.

As we go along in my blog I'll share some of my favorite finds with you, both from these late night internet browsing forays, but also the ones I own. I'm still searching for just the right little lamp for a 1940s era side table. I can't wait to share with readers what I find when the day comes. And I promise you, spray paint won't be involved. Turn off the lights, and Good Night!


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